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Born and raised in New York City, Sydney, a sassy queer Latina,  earned her masters degree in Sexuality Studies from San Francisco State University where she studied marginally housed and homeless young women’s access to knowledge of sexuality education, pleasure and power. She has since then, written sex ed curricula for numerous agencies, is an advisor to a national research story telling project with high school youth, and is working towards her masters in social work at Hunter College.

A fierce feminist and part-time mermaid,  Sydney works in and around issues of gender, race, class and sexuality through the use of social media, advocacy, teaching and youth/adult partnerships to promote healthy pleasurable sexual lives and social change. These experiences and her multiple intersecting identities inform and create the lens through which her creative visions are born and raised.

Her artistic photography is inspired by the exchange between two people on either end of the camera. Creating spaces for women to feel confident and empowered in front of a camera drives her primary purpose and pleasure in photography.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Exposure Magazine, Story of the creative, New York, NY (2013)

Josephine, Intimate Contradictions, New York, NY (2013)

Soho Photography Gallery, Dangerous Women, New York, NY, (2012)

Center for Sex and Culture, Erotic Photo Club, San Francisco, CA (2009)

Richard R. Brush Gallery, Maple Man, Canton, NY, (2001)

Selected Press:

National Sexuality Resource Center Brochure, “Portraits”, (2007)

San Francisco State University, “Dr. Ruth”, (2009)

Contact me directly for pricing, purchasing or if you are interested in your own shoot.




“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” – a. adams


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